We live in such a fast paced and convenient world.  Everything seems to be “on the go”.  Communication is even more instant than in past decades. With never ending to do list and only 24 hours in a day, who knew being an adult could be this challenging! It really should come as no surprise that people are unhealthier than ever.  Today, I will share a few tips to help start creating a healthier version of you!

Healthy Breakfast


This is probably old news (BUT VERY IMPORTANT) since professionals have been screaming this for years and years!  It wakes your body up and kicks your metabolism into high gear!  I know some of you are asking, NO all breakfast foods are NOT created equal.  Sorry for all the hard core donut lovers!  A warm glazed donut or two with a glass of milk will only leave you with a sugar crash that will have you feeling sluggish and with a foggy head.  The key here is protein, and fiber.  A breakfast high in protein will amp you up, and keep you satisfied until lunch.  No time for eggs, that is fine, fill up on a warm bowl of oatmeal.


Focus on eating more whole, natural foods and make sure you get plenty of vegetables, fruits, and lean meats.  If you find yourself needing a snack between lunch and dinner, reach for a small apple, orange, or grab a handful of nuts.  If you feel hungry, reach for an apple, and if you are not willing to eat an apple you are bored not hungry.


Just 30 minutes of activity every day will not only help you shed a few pounds it will also help your boost your mood, increase your focus and you may be less likely to become sick.  If that is not enough motivation, science has shown that those that are lead more sedentary lifestyles are at an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.  My advice, choose something you love and go out and do it.  Whether it be leisurely walking in nature, or vigorously killing it with a 5 mile run, or pushing play to one of your favorite Beachbody programs just commit to it and get moving!  You’re more likely to commit if you actually like the activity! Exercise, it’s good for you!


This is so important.  Our bodies need water, it craves it.  Did you know that we can live longer without food than without water?  I would say that makes water a very important component to living a healthier life.  That sluggish feeling we sometimes get is not our bodies telling us to head to the nearest vending machine for a sugary treat, no, it is telling us to drink some WATER!  Even minimal dehydration can cause moodiness, foggy thoughts, and lack of energy.  The goal should be 8-8 ounces glasses of water per day.  For non-water lovers this can be hard so set a goal and start drinking.  Water is so much better than sodas that only serve to deliver empty calories, and a short lasting sugar high.


Spending even 5 minutes a day in quiet meditation, or solitude can be rewarding. It helps manage stress and can have the added benefit of building mindfulness.  In the beginning it can be hard to just be still and quiet for 5 minutes.  Start small and work your way up.


We have all experiences bad days, bad weeks, or even bad months.  It happens to all of us.  The important thing is to know that it is just a bad moment, day, week, whatever, and that it will pass.  Be grateful for the good people, things, moments, or just a spring flower blooming in your garden.  Whatever the case may be.  Take a moment to be grateful.

There you have it.  A few tips to set you on your way to being a healthier person.  Remember, Rome was not built overnight, and you will not get in tip top shape overnight.  It will take dedication, and work, but once you are feeling like a million bucks, you will find that it was worth it.  Try not to make big changes overnight.  Make smaller changes over the course of time.  It will be less overwhelming.  Best of luck of your new journey!