We all can remember a time as children that the adults gave us a coloring book and pack of crayons, but I bet back then those adults never thought about how to use adult coloring to alleviate stress in their life.  Way back then coloring was a way to keep all the children occupied, quiet, as possibly as preparation for preschool and kindergarten. 

Coloring For Stress

Coloring was a favorite pass time for thousands of children.  It allowed children to be expressive, creative, and quiet.  Art therapy has been used for years in helping children and adults express themselves in difficult situations, and when finding the words can be difficult.  While traditional art therapy does not include adult coloring the benefits of adult coloring are numerous and have many therapeutic benefits.  It also allows adults to capture a little bit of childlike nature, and we could all use a little bit more of that!

A great positive benefit is that adult coloring has been found to be similar in nature with meditation. Meditation is becoming more recognized for its effect on stress.  In meditation, specifically mindfulness, people will learn to become aware and more focused on the moment itself.  Adult coloring helps people achieve this moment of mindfulness.  Coloring activates the creative and pleasure center of the brain, allowing adults to separate themselves from their worry and lets them get in lost in a sea of pictures and colors.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD or ADD) effects millions of people in the United States, and left untreated it can cause a great deal of stress.  If you cannot concentrate well this can impair several areas of life and cause the person effected a great deal of stress.

Coloring for Adults

Yes, that is right.  Adult coloring has been shown in increase concentration.  A lot of college professors are welcoming and even provide the coloring books to use during lectures.  Instead of students fidgeting, and not paying attention, they are becoming more focused in the classroom.  This can relate directly back to the state of mindfulness coloring helps create.  Students are becoming aware and being present in the moment.  Did I mention that coloring also helps boost mental clarity?  Research certainly suggest that it does!  To say that adult coloring can help stop a wondering mind is probably an understatement.

Another well noted benefit of picking up an adult coloring book is that it helps create more positivity.  If your feeling stressed you may not be acting or feeling like the most positive person in the world right now.  This circles back to the creative and pleasure centers in the brain being activated.  Pleasure centers equal positive thoughts!  Positive thoughts equal stress reduction and new perceptions of situations.  You can even download coloring pages here.

If reducing stress is not motivation enough to pick up an adult coloring book, still go grab a coloring book.  Even if it just to revisit an old childhood favorite pastime.  You will see the benefits start to unfold, or you may not even recognize that a simple little coloring book and crayons have started you on a path of less stress and positivity.  This is only one very easy technique to reduce and relieve stress. There are so many other ways! Go for a walk, swim, run, play music and even specific music with embedded frequencies for stress – that’s called Sound Therapy, just like art therapy, it works. Go dig your feet in the sand at a beach. Do something that will put a smile on your face and a skip in your step!

It’s good to de-stress, do it often, your body will thank you!