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Thrilling to perform music I wrote for a stadium of smiling faces last week in Tokyo. I love you guys! #Japan #love #happinessfest ❤️

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015 Will sits down for an interview with Tuja Wellness

Check out Will's latest interview over at Tuja Wellness! He chats about his daily routine, creativity, and yoga!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015 Will set to tour KOREA and JAPAN!

Will Blunderfield来日に合わせLIVEを開催する事になりました。

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#도심속 요가축제 #6월14일 #청계천 #청계광장에서 #노래하는 요기 #will(캐나다) #지바묵띠 요가 #keeki(일본) #야가요가대표 #andy(대만) #나디아요가 대표#nadia(한국)
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Monday, May 4, 2015 Will on primetime reality tv!

Will is happy to be on primetime TV for the first time, reality TV Show "Why Did You Come To Japan?" airs nationally in Japan Monday nights!!

Monday, February 23, 2015 Will Singing at Tokyo Stadium and Yoga Studios in Tokyo This March!

Will is back in Japan this March for a full tour, both music and yoga! Please check out the following links for tickets and info:



Thursday, February 5, 2015 Will's new meditation!

Will has teamed up with Tuja Wellness as part of their 30-Day Meditation Challenge! Check out his meditation here:

Will's Latest Venture




"Will's voice has so much power to make people happy and positive!"
-- A.I., Universal Music, Best-Selling Japanese Singer

"Will Blunderfield is a powerful and beautiful mentor, whose music fills the universe with a love energy from his soul, and is matched by the sound of his beating heart. Blessed to experience his vast gifts and talents."
-- Bif Naked, Multi platinum Juno Award-winning artist

"I find the voice of Will Blunderfield incredibly inspiring and gorgeous. I thought kd lang did a good job with that song [Hallelujah] but then I heard Will. Amazing. It's amazing. He's a genius. He's got the voice of an angel."
-- Dr. Christiane Northrup, Visionary, New York Times Best-Selling Author

“When taking a Yoga class with Will be ready to spark your inner smile, laugh at yourself and let your ego melt into the flows of sweat. If you’re lucky, he will sing at the end as you lie down in wonderment of what just took place.”
-- Terry McBride, C.E.O. Nettwerk Music Group

“Will's work is absolutely inspiring. He is Lighting Up The World!”
-- Lara Kozan, Founder of YYoga

"Will is a Spirit Junkie... his 'Glee Yoga' classes draw jammed classrooms...He is as fluent in the text of the Bhagavad Gita as he is pouring forth his own pop/rock devotional Kirtan compositions."
-- The Vancouver Sun

“Will’s class was my first introduction to yoga and now I’m hooked! From the impromptu dancing to joyous singing, Will’s class is anything but ordinary! What I enjoy and appreciate most about Will is that he is so open, expressive and encouraging. His message of self-acceptance, being true to yourself and sharing your love with others is very compelling.  I always walk out of Will’s class with an extra spring in my step and a positive glow.”
-- Charles Chang, President VEGA® Sequel Naturals

"Will is a 26 year old ancient master here to assist the yogis and yoginis into the new paradigm. He already understands and embraces Vedic astrology into his yoga leadership as he reformats ancient mantras to a modern beat."
-- Paddi Moore, Spiritual Teacher and Vedic Astrologer

"A visionary, yoga teacher, musician, and inspirational force..."
-- Kreg Weiss, CEO of My Yoga Online™
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